Observance takes remote monitoring to the next level by providing a measurable 3D virtual model of the construction site that reflects real-time work completed on site.

Observance is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled Project Management tool, which uses real-time point cloud data scans for detection of construction anomalies & defects such as cracks, honeycombs and blistering to generate high precision Quality reports. It utilizes Thermal analytics for non-penetrative assessment of concealed building services (MEP) for their integrity. Observance auto notifies concerned personnel of defects detected, for early action.

The platform provides Virtual walkthroughs of construction worksite which are freely navigable and measurable. Observance analytics helps to identify Health & Safety compliance, with minimal human dependency.

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Features of Observance


Observance Measurements

Observance brings precise measurements to your fingertips. With its proprietary data collection device, it can effortlessly scan 100,000 square feet in under an hour. Within a short additional five hours, Observance generates highly accurate and actionable as-built 3D models with construction defects, BIM comparisons, and thermal analytics. Say goodbye to lengthy processes that take weeks to deliver results.


Observance SOTA Segmentation

Observe your construction site like never before with Observance's cutting-edge segmentation capabilities. By fusing LIDAR, Odometry data, HDR, and Thermal Cameras, Observance's algorithms recreate the visual as-built environment with astonishing 3mm standard accuracy. This advanced segmentation allows you to quickly and accurately identify deviations, such as structural, dimensional, angular, plumb, and bulges, enabling prompt corrective actions.

Section Plane

Observance Section Planes

Visualize your construction project from every angle with Observance's section plane feature. With just a few clicks, you can access detailed cross-sectional views of your building, providing invaluable insights into the construction progress, measurements, and potential discrepancies. This feature empowers you to make informed decisions and ensure the highest quality standards throughout the project.


Observance Temperature Texture

Observance goes beyond traditional construction monitoring by incorporating thermal imaging technology. Detect thermal inconsistencies that impact project quality, such as water leakage, seepage, electrical over-current, and inefficient HVAC systems. Observance's advanced algorithms analyze temperature variations, helping you identify potential issues early on and take preventive measures.


Observance Untextured Mesh

Observe your construction project in its true form with Observance's untextured mesh visualization. Get a comprehensive view of the structure, allowing you to analyze the finer details and identify potential deviations. This untextured mesh representation provides a realistic depiction of the as-built environment, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for optimal project outcomes.

Side-by-Side RGB and Mesh

Observance Side-by-Side

Imagine being able to witness your construction project come to life with incredible detail and accuracy. With Observance's innovative side-by-side visualization feature, you can experience the perfect synchronization of the mesh representation and the RGB video, granting you an unmatched understanding of your project's progress.

By viewing the mesh and RGB video side-by-side, you gain a comprehensive perspective on the as-built environment. The mesh representation provides a detailed 3D view, enabling you to analyze the structural intricacies, identify potential deviations, and assess the overall quality of the construction.

Meanwhile, the synchronized RGB video brings your project to life with vibrant color and rich visual detail. It allows you to observe every aspect of the construction process, from the placement of materials to the movement of machinery. This synchronized visualization offers invaluable insights into the real-time progress, making it easier to spot any inconsistencies or issues that require attention.

Side-by-Side Thermal Video and Mesh

Observance Side-by-Side Video and Mesh

When it comes to understanding complex construction issues like water leaks, Observance takes visualization to a whole new level. Our groundbreaking side-by-side feature allows you to simultaneously view the mesh representation and the thermal video, perfectly synchronized to their nearest millisecond. This unparalleled capability provides a powerful tool for comprehending the origin and impact of water leaks with incredible precision.

The synchronized display ensures that you can examine the mesh and thermal video in tandem, making it easier to identify the exact locations and origins of leaks within the structure. This synchronized visualization enhances your decision-making process, allowing you to implement effective solutions and prevent further damage or potential hazards.

Task Manager

Observance Task Manager

Stay organized and streamline your construction project management with Observance's integrated task manager. Effortlessly track defects, assign tasks, manage teams, handle files, and maintain client communication—all from a single, user-friendly platform. Observance's task manager ensures efficient collaboration, seamless workflow, and timely resolution of issues, keeping your project on track and within budget.

Explore the incredible features of Observance and revolutionize the way you monitor, analyze, and manage your construction projects. With its advanced capabilities and user-friendly interface, Observance sets a new standard in construction technology, empowering you to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency, accuracy, and quality.